Our brewer Rob Van Lier lived seven years in San Diego South California. At that time that the micro brewing culture got really started over there. Weekly a new microbrewery was opened somewhere in and around SD. The first mover was Stone Brewing Company , which is Rob’s great inspiration.

The most popular beer still brewed is the IPA (Indian Pale Ale). A stronger beer, not for wussies. Being back in The Netherlands, Rob started brewing his own IPA, inspired on the West coast style IPA’s.

India pale ale (IPA) is a hoppy beer style within the broader category of pale ale.

IPAs have a long history in the United States and Canada, and many breweries there produce a version of the style.[*]East Coast IPAs are distinguished from West Coast IPAs by a stronger malt presence, which balances the intensity of the hops, whereas hops are more prominent in the western brews, possibly because of the proximity of West Coast breweries to hop fields in the Pacific Northwest. East Coast breweries rely more on spicier European hops and specialty malts than those on the West Coast.

Double IPAs (also referred to as Imperial IPAs) are a stronger, very hoppy variant of IPAs that typically have alcohol content above 7.5% by volume. The style has been embraced by the craft brewers of San Diego County, California, to such an extent that double IPAs have been referred to as “San Diego pale ale”.In the United States, sales of IPAs have increased, helping drive the craft beer renaissance.

After being back Rob started to create his own IPA’s. Since Roermond hasn’t have a own brewery anymore Iron Door is the new brewery from Roermond. It started in March 2018.

From here he wants to grew the biggest and best IPA label from the Netherlands and believe me things are going very well. Check out the reviews at Untappd.

Brothers in arm are Bas and Hein from the Maastricht Brewing Company Zuyd: http://www.brouwerijzuyd.nl/home.html. We help each other by creating great tastes and share two brewing kettles.


Thou shalt never leave a drop of BEER undrunk.